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Sunday, 14 April 2013

How I got purple streaks in my hair :-)

This was the colour of my hair before. I was a bit bored with it and fancied a change, so I decided to try purple streaks in my hair.

I bleached a few highlights into my hair using this pre lightener (realised after I could have left this step out as my hair is light enough for the dye to take anyway).

The dye I used was this one. Directions semi-permanent dye in the colour plum.

As you can see from the following pic it is an absolutely gorgeous shade of purple.

I also decided to add purple to the bottom layer of my hair (didn't bother with bleach as my hairs a lot lighter than the purple dye).

As you can see from the photo I wrapped the sections of my hair in cling film once I'd applied the dye. I then left the dye in my hair for 30 minutes (it says 15-20 on the tub but I wanted the purple to be really dark).

After I rinsed my hair (and successfully turned my bathroom purple) my hair looked like this.

I'm really happy with the results.

Not the best photos (my camera has a problem with purple).

Here's a photo that shows the underneath layer of purple a bit.


  1. Very nice. Lovely colour and really suits you. You're so lucky you don't have to pre-bleach :D

    1. Yes I'm glad my hair is now light enough that I don't need to bleach it before using the purple I hate using bleach on my hair.

      Glad you like it Thank you :-)